Jan 16, 2018

technical inspection

Have you received products with poor quality?
Did you regret paying all the payment to your suppliers due to poor workmanship, wrong quantity......?
I am sure that this will never happen with our quality control service. Sunchine Inspection is available to provide you the best service with better ratio quality price!
Our Service
Our inspection services include:

Quality Inspection
1,Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI)
Gurantee of conformity of final production with the requirement in terms of quality,quantity,packaging,marking,etc.

2,Production Monitoring(PM)
External constant assistance in production line for quality supervision and production process with daily report to client.

3,During Production Check(DUPRO)
Control during production process,detection of defects/deviations in production cycle and recommendation client.

4,Initial Production Check(IPC)
Inspection and verification of the conformity of machinery,raw material,and components prior to production,guarantee of good material to be used.

5,First Article Inspection(FAI)
Check and verification of first sample from manufacturer compared with client's requirement for improving and planning the mass production.

6,Container loading Check(CLC)
Control of container loading for making sure the correct product is shipped securely in good manner.


Supplier Audit
1,Supplier First Assessment(SFA)
Basic investigation/study for legal status, seriousness and solvency of supplier in China by business document and other public information check.

2,Factory Audit(FA)
Assessment of the production facilities and organization according to ISO9000 Standards to check production capacity and quality level prior to order.

3,Social Audit(SA)
Audit of supplier's level of social responsibility according to SA 8000 standard.

Lab Testing
Chemical ,TLextilev & leather,Metal,Mechanical & Electric,Cosmetic,food,etc.

Who We Are
Founded in 2005,SUNCHINE INSPECTION ,with offices in China and
Europe,SUNCHINE INSPECTION has become one of the best third party inspection companies in China,sercing over 1200 regular clients in various fileds,from all the Continents in the world.

We take part in large-scale exhibitions every year such as East China Fair,Canton Fair and so on.

...and many others.
We have made cooperation with many famous brand such as Carrefour,Auchan,WMF,etc.At SUNCHINE,the sme care and attention and the same standard of service are given to each client ragardless of the size of his business.

Service in more than 50 cities in China.
We are expending continously
Our Advantage
*11 years of quality control experience in China main industrial regions
*One multi-language team combined with Chinese and Western Expertise
*One experienced Consulant/Advisor Team+Acccrediatedd inspector team
*Complete and Clear Inspection Report provided within 24 hours upon the completion of the inspection mission
*Strict European Quality Standard for Inspection +Inspector selected according to product classification
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Dec 24, 2017

final inspection

The Landlords gas safety inspection is a safety check of all the gas appliances within a property that is classed as rented. Once an inspection is carried out the gas safe engineer carrying out the inspection will issue a certificate with his findings.
Under the United Kingdom law any property that is classed as rented and this includes local councils and housing associations need to have an annual gas safety inspection, even if the property is only rented out for 7 days, a gas safety inspection is needed.
It is the responsibility of whoever manages the quality assurance property to arrange for this inspection to be carried out. Failure to comply with this regulation could lead to severe penalties.
If a property is rented out to new tenants and there is still 5 months left before the next inspection is due, it is recommended that a new inspection is carried out to make sure everything is still safe. The previous tenant may have tampered with the gas supply or appliances and left them in an unsafe condition.
What is a Landlords Gas Safety Inspection
All gas appliances within the property need to be checked for safety, this involves checking the flue of the appliance is not leaking carbon monoxide and is terminating correctly.
Checking that the air supply if needed, is of the correct size and is not restricted. Any gas appliance that is classed as open flue needs fresh air to burn correctly, not enough air will make the appliance burn incorrectly and the products of combustion could enter the room instead of terminating up the flue.
Every room that has a gas appliance fitted needs to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed, this will also be tested and recorded on the certificate.
All safety devices on the appliance need to be checked to make sure they are working correctly electronic product inspection.
A gas tightness test needs to be carried out, this is checked at the gas meter. This test will highlight any gas leaks within the property.
While at the gas meter checking that the gas supply pipe is fitted with the correct size earth bonding.
Once the inspection is finished two copies of the certificate will be issued, one should be left with the tenant and the other copy goes to the property management or landlord.
If any faults are found they will be noted on the inspection certificate, another certificate called a warning notice will now be issued with details of any faults found.
The landlord will have 30 days to rectify any faults, this will depend on the severity of the fault. If the fault is classed as immediately dangerous the gas supply to that appliance will be disconnect and made safe.
Landlords by law, have to make sure that the property they are letting out is safe, too many landlords try to avoid having this inspection carried out because of the cost involved.
If you are a tenant make sure your landlord has this gas safety check carried out annually and that you have a copy of the certificate for your own records.
If you are a landlord make sure you comply to the gas safety regulations, keep your tenants safe and always have a landlords gas safety inspection carried when it becomes due.
When it comes to gas, you need to use a gas safe registered person or company, don't be fooled into thinking joe bloggs can do your work. It could cost lives. We are gas safe friendly and can issue a certificate once all works is complete.  http://sunchineinspection.cn/
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Canton Fair Reflects Consolidated Momentum of Steady Foreign Trade Growth

At the concluding press conference of the 122nd session of the Canton Fair, Xu Bing, Spokesperson of the CantonFair and Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre,introduced that buyer attendance from all continents and export transaction both increased over the same period last year. Buyer attendance totaled 191,950 from 213 countries (regions), up by 3.36% over the 120th session. The export transaction of this session totaled 198.652 billion RMB Yuan (or 30.16 billion US dollars), an increase of 8.2 % over the 120th session.
Xu said that Canton Fair is the barometer and wind vane of China’s foreign trade. The buyer attendance and export transaction data of the 122nd session showed that the momentum of steady foreign trade growth has been consolidated, the quality and outcomes of growth has been improved and structural adjustment and growth source transformation has been accelerated. Firstly,outstanding results achieved in companies’ innovation-driven development. At this Canton Fair, exhibitors focused on the supply side and made innovationin product R&D investment, design and business mode. Products of self-ownedbrands, green and low carbon, smart manufactured and custom-made and were very popular. The transaction volume in brand zone (20% of the total booths) reached 10.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 13.6% (higher than the 8.2% total growth), accounting for 35.8% of the total. Secondly, the momentum of steady foreign trade growth has been maintained. According to exhibitors, in this year, the momentum of steady growth of foreigntrade has been maintained, with increased buyer intention of placing orders and boosted confidence. In regards to markets, export transaction with “Belt & Road” countries, EU and the US has increased by 13.6%, 12.6% and 8%. In regards to sectors, over 60% of the industrial transaction experienced growth.Ceramics, hardware and tools, building materials, textile and garments enjoyed 34.2%, 23.1%, 20.3% and 6.8% growth respectively. In the meantime, our survey showed that 74.9% of companies in the machinery and electronic industry enjoyed increased amount of transaction volume, or same level as before; 80% ofcompanies in the mineral and chemical industry said that they met more buyers and 69% of them predicted increased transaction this session. For light industry, the numbers of valid buyers and orders have reached a high in the recent years, and most of the companies forecasted that 2018 will see moreorders factory inspection service.
Xu also said that despite the year-on-year increase of buyer attendance and export transaction, China’s foreign trade still faces risen price of raw materials, fluctuated RMB currency,manufacturing industry returning to developed countries and mid- and low-end manufacturing industry rising in emerging economies. Meanwhile, the foundationof global economic recovery is still weak, the demand from other countries has not yet recovered, and trade protectionism has gained ground, leading to buyers’ cautious attitude in achieving orders. Most orders are mid- and short-term ones. 43.5% are short-term orders within 3 months, and 36.9% are mid-term orders covering 3-6 months. Therefore China’s foreign trade development is still confronted with many uncertainties and unstable factors.
Xu mentioned that generally speaking, the momentum of steady growth of foreign trade has remained. With no major risk incident and with continuous efforts, it is forecasted that China’s foreign trade will achieve steady growth.
(Canton Fair Press Center)

furniture quality control

Electrical inspection testing is also commonly known in the industry as PAT testing (portable appliance testing). Its purpose is basically to test that electrical appliances are safe to use. PAT testing covers a wide range of electrical products from portable objects with cords such as kettles, toasters and vacuum cleaners to objects which are considered stationary such as fridges and freezers. Fixed electrical objects or appliances which would be considered in regular need of electrical inspection testing might include bathroom towel rails.
Other items deemed non portable includes information technology equipment container inspection services china such as computers, printers, fax machines, photo copiers and telephones.
There are no specific rules which state how often an appliance should be PAT tested. The main reason for this is that for each appliance it depends on the frequency of use and also there is leeway given so that users of an appliance can report problems with it which can then be resolved.
A risk assessment put together in numerical order is also often also used when deciding how often an appliance should be electrically inspected. All objects logically start with a rated of 0. 1 point is added if an appliance has a heating element or an electric motor. 2 points are added if the appliance has a cord. 2 points are also added if the appliance is situated in a wet environment (bathroom for instance) or if the appliance uses water (such as a steam iron of a kettle).
Once an appliance has been assessed as needing inspection, three basic test should be carried out on it - namely earthing checks, insulation testing and normal product functional checks to asses that it is working correctly. Once an appliance has been PAT tested it is important to ensure that a detailed log is kept of any faults found and how they were rectified, included records kept of proof that rectification fixed a found fault. These are necessary as they may be used to determine whether the frequency of an electrical inspection testing of an appliance actually be increased or reduced.
When buying portable appliance testers, there are a large range of products on the market which range in price from 350 to well over 1500. The more expensive ones will of course provide the greatest number of functions including the ability to download information. However all modern PAT testers will be able to perform the earth continuity test sometimes known as the soft test. Most modern PAT testers will be able to perform the earth continuity hard test which ensures that if an appliance is subject to more than its usual voltage (due to corrosion for instance) - the appliance will hold up. The more simple PAT testing equipment will show a simple pass or fail result. While useful, these results give no room for understanding why an appliance might have failed. Other PAT testers do give much more information but the user must of course have a good understanding of the readouts to be able to act upon them.
If budget and knowledge allows, the best PAT testers on the market are those which provide more interpretable data and have the added functionality to allow the user to download. In short a basic rule of thumb should be that to carry out any form of inspection testing the better the equipment the tester is able to afford, the more thorough the test will ultimately be.
Tom Bisman has been advising in the Inspection Industry for over 20 years.

Factory activity accelerated in November, survey says

UK manufacturing activity grew at its fastest pace in more than four years last month, according to a closely watched survey.
The Purchasing Managers’ Index index compiled by IHS/Markit hit 58.2 in November, the best level in 51 months.
The report said exports played a “big part” in the expansion.
Separate official data showed that inflows of foreign investment into the UK hit a record last year, boosted by several very large takeover deals.
The Office for National Statistics recorded inward investment of £145.6bn in 2016, up from £25.3bn in 2015.
The investment figures were lifted by some large deals that were completed in 2016, including:
  • SAB Miller (brewer) bought by Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • ARM Holdings (chip designer) bought by Softbank
  • BG Group (energy firm) bought by Royal Dutch Shell
The UK voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, but economists say that vote probably did not have much affect on these figures.
Paul Hollingsworth, toy inspection UK Economist at Capital Economics, pointed out that the big deals were likely to have been planned well in advance of the vote.
He also said it was impossible to say if inflows of investment would have been even greater without the Brexit vote.
“I think 2017 could be the more challenging year for FDI (foreign direct investment), though, as Brexit draws closer,” Mr Hollingsworth said.

‘Mixed’ outlook

The compilers of the purchasing managers’ survey said the results indicated UK manufacturing had “shifted up a gear” last month.
At 58.2, the PMI index suggests strong growth as any reading above 50 indicates expansion.
“The domestic market remained strong but new export orders primarily from the US and Europe were a big part of this overall picture of success,” said Duncan Brock, who contributed to the report.
But some economists question whether UK factories can maintain their current pace.
“The outlook for manufacturing appears mixed. Domestic conditions look challenging despite November’s healthy orders,” said Howard Archer, chief economic advisor to the EY Item Club.
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Ikea’s tax affairs to be investigated by the EU

The European Commission is to open an in-depth investigation into Ikea’s corporate tax structure.
The Commission said testing and inspection service Dutch-based Inter Ikea, one of the Swedish giant’s two divisions, may have been given unfair tax advantages by the Netherlands.
European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said all firms “big or small, multinational or not, should pay their fair share of tax”.
The EU will look at whether Ikea’s tax affairs breach EU rules on state aid.
Under EU law, member states cannot give selective tax benefits to multinational groups that are not available to other firms.
“The Commission has concerns that two [Dutch] tax rulings may have given Inter Ikea Systems an unfair advantage compared to other companies,” it said.
The move is the latest crackdown by the EU competition authority on tax deals between EU countries and multi-nationals.
A spokesman for Inter Ikea Group said the way it had been taxed “has in our view been in accordance with EU rules”.
“It is good if the investigation can bring clarity and confirm that,” he added.

Two tax deals

The Commission’s Ikea inquiry is focused on two tax agreements between the Netherlands and Inter Ikea which it alleges “have significantly reduced” the firm’s taxable profits in the Netherlands.
Netherlands-based Inter Ikea operates the franchise business of Ikea. It collects royalties from other parts of Ikea and pays little tax on the proceeds.
The Commission says that in 2006, a Dutch tax ruling enabled Inter Ikea to pay a “significant” annual licence fee to another Ikea unit in Luxembourg, thereby shifting revenue to a jurisdiction where it remained untaxed.
Then in 2011, after the Luxembourg tax scheme was deemed illegal, Inter Ikea arranged a second tax ruling with the Netherlands.
This ruling focused on a loan deal with an Ikea unit in Liechtenstein, which enabled Inter Ikea to shift “a significant part of its franchise profits” to a low-tax jurisdiction.
A senior Dutch EU official said it would look at the details of the case.
“The Netherlands fully supports the Commission’s work,” they added.
Richard Murphy, professor of practice in international political economy at City University, said Ikea’s tax arrangements were “unusually complicated” and as a result, an EU probe was “inevitable”.
“Is their level of tax disproportionate to their overall activity in a country is undoubtedly what [the European Commission] are looking at here,” he said.

Analysis by BBC business correspondent Jonty Bloom

Analysis by BBC business correspondent Jonty Bloom
Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
The European Commission is not so much worried about different countries in the European Union having different tax policies, in fact considering it is supposed to be one, seamless market, there are a whole range of company tax rates and policies across the EU.
What it does not like are tax deals that are available for one type of company, huge multi-nationals, but not to everyone else.
Your local High Street furniture store has enough trouble competing with the likes of Ikea, with its massive stores, name recognition, buying power and marketing budget, without Ikea also having access to tax breaks that it could never use.
That is why Ikea is just the latest in a long line of giant companies that the European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager has gone after.
She has already had Amazon, McDonalds and Apple in her sights, and this is big-game hunting; Apple alone was found to have benefited to the tune of £11.5bn in unfair tax breaks.

Image copyright GETTY IMAGES
Image captionThe EU’s competition chief Margrethe Vestager is worried giant firms are gaining unfair advantages over smaller rivals
The Commission has recently ordered various member states to collect billons of euros’ worth of back taxes from Apple, Starbucks, Amazon and Fiat.
The European Commission is worried that giant companies gain an unfair advantage over smaller rivals which have no chance of using similar tax schemes.
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Press Release of the Opening of the 121st Session of China Import and Export Fair

Sunchine Inspection: This article of Canton Fair, be worth to recommend.
The PressConference for the opening of the 121st session of China Import andExport Fair was held in Canton Fair Complex in the morning of April 14th.Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of ChinaForeign Trade Centre, has introduced the general situation of this session.
According to XuBing, with intense but orderly preparation, the 121st Canton Fair isready, which will open on April 15th.
Xu Bing haspointed out that, in this year, the national commerce system has implemented aseries of trade policies and documents issued by the Party Central Committeeand the State Council. Therefore, the foreign trade sector was able to maintaindevelopment momentum with optimized structure and improved quality,accelerating the accumulation of a new momentum. At the same time, we remain soberminded that the world economic recovery is still weak, the market demand remainsunchanged, and “anti-globalization” starts to prevail. Moreover, the domestic costof the comprehensive production factors has increased, and our traditionaladvantage has been weakened. The foreign trade situation remains complicated andsevere; great effort is needed to consolidate the steady growth of the foreign tradesector.
Xu Bing pointedout that the 121st Canton Fair is a key one at a qc inspection services new historical startingpoint as it is a continuation of the past 60 years of brilliant history and thebeginning of a bright future. We, under the leadership of the Ministry ofCommerce and in accordance with President Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letterand Premier Li Keqiang’s instruction, will implement the development conceptsof innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing. We’ll improvespecialization, market orientation, information application and internationaldevelopment of the Fair and build “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair”so as to give full play to its role—a comprehensive platform for opening up andto make contribution to the transformation and upgrading of China’s foreigntrade sector and building a strong trading nation.
Xu Bingintroduced that the whole arrangement of the 121st Canton Fairremains the same and exhibition size steady. The 121st session willstill be held in three phases with a total exhibition area of 1.18 millionsquare meters and 60,219 booths. There are 24,718 exhibitors from home andabroad. Phase 1 starts from Apr 15th to 19th, showingElectronics and Household Electrical Appliances, Lighting Products, VehiclesSpare Parts, Machinery, Hardware & Tools, Building Materials, ChemicalProducts and Energy Products. Phase 2 starts from Apr 23rd to 27th,showing Daily Consumer Goods, Gifts and Home Decoration Products. Phase 3starts from May 1st to 5th, showing Textile and Garment,Shoes, Cases and Bags, Recreation Products, Medicine and Healthcare Products.
In this session,there are 59,221 booths and 24098 exhibitors in the National Pavilion. 16categories of products will be exhibited in 50 sections. The booth arrangementis as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,296 general booths, taking up 20% and80% respectively. The number of exhibitors in 3 phases is: 8,628 in Phase,7,297 in Phase 2, and 8,173 in Phase 3.
TheInternational Pavilion will be set up in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of20,000 square meters. There are 998 booths and 6 product zones, and 625enterprises from 42 countries and regions, among which 364 enterprises or 616booths are from the Belt and Road countries.
Scientificdivision of themes to improve specialization. We willcontinue to improve specialization in organizing exhibitors, striving to buildup a more specialized platform. To keep optimizing the division of sections,124product zones will be set up in 27 sections and particularly, we’ll improvespecialization of Consumer Electronics, Information Products, Building andDecorative Materials, Hardware and Chemical products, Household Textiles, etc.We will also nurture new themes like New Energy, Pet Supplies, and Outdoor Spa.All the measures will improve the quality of exhibitors. Furthermore, we will drivethe integration of National and International Pavilion, with exhibitors ofElectronics and Household Appliances, Fabric and Home Textile competing on thesame stage.
Enhanced marketing for global promotion. We’vetaken various measures to improve precise marketing and invite quality buyersto attend the Fair. We have led promotional teams to 12 countries andvisited over 60 facilities including government departments for tradepromotion, trade chambers of commerce and exhibition corporations, andheld 8 promotional activities in various forms. Around theglobe, remote video promotional conferences were held in 17 cities of15 countries, which were all new market. We’ve explored second- andthird-tier markets, covering all major continents. We’ve built six internationalsocial media platforms with our characteristics and focused on Facebook andLinkedIn. On key themes and markets, online and offline engagement marketingwas conducted. We’ve made innovation in targeted marketing mode and optimized marketing content andpromotion channel based on target markets and key industries. We have further developedthe I-Share series activities, carried out incentive plan for invitingbuyers, enhanced partnership with overseas industrial and commercialorganization, airline and social media, and provided customized discountsfor key markets. We’ve increased invitation to VIP buyers, especially thosefrom the Belt and Road countries. Direct mails of invitation sent to thesecountries accounted for 48% of the total.
Enriched exhibition function for improved market efficiency. According to the marketdemand, we have consolidated Canton Fair’s high-end information service topromote its transformation to a multi-functional platform. Conferences andforums including over 60 activities will be held. They can be divided into 8themes, including industry summit, global market, design innovation, brandmarketing, trend forecast, technology and research, local industry promotionand enterprise management optimization. Among them, the latter two are newthemes in this session. In order to expand the global influence of CF Awards,we’ve set up “the Most Popular Product Award” for the first time, invitingglobal buyers to participate in the selection. With the purpose of providingglobal high-quality design resource for exhibitors, we’ve enriched the servicesof PDC. In total, we attracted 98 design agencies from 12 countries andregions, 9 clothing design brands, with a total display area of 1694 squaremeters.
Build “Smart Canton Fair”, and enhanceinformation application.Firstly, improved functions. We’ve optimized the functions of Canton Fair’sofficial website, perfected the main entrance of “Smart Canton Fair” by renovatingthe multilingual versions, upgrading the booth navigating service on PCs,revising the column of CF Awards and launching email subscription. Secondly,enriched information. We’ve improved the inquiry system of exhibitors and products,focusing on optimizing the mobile version and highlighting the exhibitors and productssection; we’ve updated 168,679 pieces of product information of 22,014exhibitors to promote Canton Fair beforehand and facilitate buyers to maketheir sourcing plans. Also we’ve created an international social mediaecosphere with Facebook and LinkedIn as its primary platform, and analyzed thecharacteristics of audience to improve the attending rate. Thirdly, moreconsiderate experience. We’ve optimized the BEST platform, and achievedaccurate investigation as well as behavior tracking through intelligent data miningand analysis; upgraded the platform of data integration analysis to enhance userexperience; improved smart carrying service to build a systematic platformintegrating online reservation and payment; enriched the means of food servicepayment, with online payment available at all catering areas and introducedDianping (online comment platform); developed WeChat mini programs, and providedself-complaint of problems on wireless and fixed-line telephones.
Xu pointed outthat: Canton Fair has always been committed to build an equitable and fairtrading environment. We will send “reminder” to enterprises with records of allegedIPR infringement and trade disputes to urge them to strengthen self-examinationand correction. We have also invited IPR law enforcement officers and trade disputemediators to stay in the Fair to handle complaints. Through Canton Fair Wechat account,we’ve enhanced education of intellectual property right protection. And we’ve furtherstandardized the procedure of handling complaints to increase efficiency.
Xu pointed outthat the green booth coverage rate in this session is still 100%, and we willtake a series of measures to promote green move-in normalization. Firstly, wewill entrust a third-party agency to assess the results of the GreenDevelopment Plan of the Canton Fair so as to clear the priorities for the nextphase. Secondly, we will improve the green development system, strengthen the eliminationmechanism for construction enterprises of custom-built booths, and implementreward and punishment measures. Thirdly, through advancing green developmentstandardization, quantifying standards in details, and catalogingmaterials for green custom-built booths, we will improve the quality of greendevelopment by reduction, recycle and reuse. Fourthly, we will promote greenexhibition certification and achieve green brand benchmarking. Fifthly, throughadvocating IT development, green move-in, green move-out, green conferences, greenvenue, and environment safety, we will devote ourselves to the all-round developmentof the green plan.
Xu Bingmentioned that in the 121st Canton Fair we will launch facialrecognition system. For all personnel and vehicles entering the venue, we will implement“electronic + facial recognition” verification. We’ve also improved the sample securitymanagement, eliminating security threat from the source. We’ve filled in ID informationof truck drivers online and connected to public security system to enhance theaccuracy of identity information. We’ve collaborated with governmentdepartments to build a three-dimensional security prevention and controlsystem. Also, by strengthening emergency management and reporting system, we’veenhanced the ability to respond to emergencies.
Xu Bingintroduced that in order to implement the document of State Council onsupporting steady growth of foreign trade, adjusting the structure, andrelieving the burden of exhibitors, in the 121st Canton Fair, wewill keep booth fee in accordance with the reduced level in the 119th session.Meanwhile, on the basis of fee reduction for 23 on-site services, we will providefree carpet laying for standard booths for the first time to enhance the overallimage of the Fair and reduce security risks. The measures above will save 240million RMB Yuan for exhibitors.
Moreover, XuBing has answered questions asked by journalists regarding the implementationof Xi Jinping’s congratulatory letter and Li Keqiang’s instructions, the coordinationof “Belt and Road” initiative at Canton Fair and, Smart Canton Fair, CantonFair’s assistance for Chinese brand to go global, IPR protection, trend ofbuyer attendance, etc.
In this session somekey events are as follows.
The OpeningReception of the 121st Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel inthe evening of April 14th.
“GlobalTechnologies China Innovations” Home appliances and electronics summit—brandingand innovation will be held in conference room No.8, Area B, in the afternoonof April 17th.
Seminar on “Trendand New Opportunity”: insight into market demand and anticipation ofopportunities will be held in conference room No.8, Area B, in the afternoon ofMay 3rd.
Article Source: cantonfair

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Press Release of the Opening of the 120th Session of China Import and Export Fair

Sunchine Inspection: This article of Canton Fair, be worth to recommend.
Mr. Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Canton Fair, Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre
(Oct. 14th, 2016, Guangzhou)
Dear friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen,
Good morning! Welcome to the audit supplier Press Conference for the opening of the 120th session of China Import and Export Fair. I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude to journalists from home and abroad for your support and interest for the development of the Canton Fair.
With intense but orderly preparation, we are ready for the 120th Canton Fair, which will open tomorrow. The 120th Canton Fair signifies a milestone in its history of 60 years, which builds on the past and prepares for the future and is of great significance. Organizing the 120th Canton Fair well is crucial to display the image of China and the achievements of reform and opening up as well as to promote transformation and upgrading of China's foreign trade and its steady and positive growth.
With the attention and support of the Central Committee, the State Council and the Chinese people, the Canton Fair has never been interrupted by all kinds of severe challenges since it was founded in 1957. During the 60 years, as the best platform for Chinese companies to enter the international market, the Canton Fair has boosted trade between China and the world. It is not only the exemplary base of implementing the development strategy of China's foreign trade, but also an important symbol of China's opening up.
Currently, the deep-seated influence of the international financial crisis remains with insufficient effective demand and sluggish global trade. The cost of domestic production factor rises and our traditional competitive advantage weakens. China’s undertaking of international industrial transfer has slowed down while the outbound order and industrial transfer has accelerated. The Central Committee and the State Council pay great attention to foreign trade and have introduced a series of policy documents with unprecedented support. As policy measures for the steady and positive development of foreign trade start to pay off, the decline of China's foreign trade has narrowed and the structure has been optimized. We have seen new development momentum and positive prospects for China's foreign trade development.
The 120th Canton Fair held in this situation requires us to implement the development concepts of innovation, coordination, green, opening, and sharing. Meanwhile, we should insist on global perspective, specialization, market orientation and information application; focus on improving the ability of organizing exhibition, marketing, and services in order to increase the brand influence of the Canton Fair and make contributions to the development of China’s foreign trade.
Now, I will brief you on the basic facts of the 120th Canton Fair.
1. Exhibition scale remains stable
The 120th Canton Fair is still held in three phases with a total exhibition area of 1.18 million square meters, and the number of booths is 60,250. There are 24,553 exhibitors from home and abroad. Phase 1 is from Oct 15th to 19th, showing Machinery and Electronics, Hardware and Tools, Building Materials, etc. Phase 2 is from Oct 23rd to27th, showing Daily Consumer Goods and Gifts. Phase 3 is from Oct 31st to Nov 4th, showing Textile and Garment, Cases and Bags, Stationary & Sports Products, Food, Medical and Health Products.
In this session, there are 59,252 booths and 23,938 exhibitors in the National Pavilion. 16 categories of products will be exhibited in 50 sections. The booth arrangement is as follows: 11,925 brand booths and 47,327 general booths, taking up 20% and 80% respectively. And the numbers of exhibitors in 3 phases are: 8,548 in Phase, 7,151 in Phase 2, and 8,239 in Phase 3.
In this session, we continue to set up the International Pavilion in Phase 1 and Phase 3, with an area of 20,000 square meters. There are 998 booths and 6 product zones, and 615 enterprises from 40 countries and regions, among which 361 enterprises are from the Belt and Road countries.
2. Improve specialization of the exhibition
In recent years, we have been improving specialization of the Canton Fair. In this session, we will advance specialization in the following 4 aspects. Firstly, optimize the division of sections. We will set up 124 product zones in 27 sections and improve product categories in Building Materials, Machinery, Hardware and Tools, Textiles and Garment, Medical and Health Products. Secondly, strengthen the National Pavilion. We have totally 1742 brand enterprises. Thirdly, nurture new themes. We will cultivate new exhibition themes such as New Energy and Pet Products and select better and stronger exhibitors to improve the exhibition quality. Fourthly, integrate the National and International Pavilion. Exhibitors of Electronics and Household Appliances, Fabric and Home Textile will compete on the same stage.
3. Enhance international marketing
In this session, we will improve international marketing and invite high quality buyers to attend. Firstly we will enhance marketing on international social media, like Facebook and LinkedIn. Secondly we will step up promotion through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Thirdly we will drive the Internet Promotion Campaign. We have held 16 video promotion conferences in 15 countries. Fourthly we will enhance the i-Invite series activity. Fifthly we also cooperate with a number of airlines to provide special offer for overseas buyers. Sixthly, we will increase invitation to VIP buyers, especially those from the Belt and Road countries. As for buyers with 30 times’ attendance, we will invite them according to regions and their business lines.
4. Enrich functions of the Fair
In this session, focusing on national policy, market hot topics and demands of enterprises, we will hold 23 conferences and forums with 5 topics: industry summit, fashion tendency, design innovation, R&D, branding. Meanwhile, there will be activities to provide discussion opportunities for designers and companies including design show, design matchmaking, fashion show and innovative design forum etc. 94 design agencies from 14 countries will participate, with an exhibition area of 1665㎡. The selection for the 2016 CF Awards has also completed, with 72 winning products from 57 companies. The awarding ceremony will be held on October 24th.
5. Advance “Smart Canton Fair”
We will drive the “Canton Fair + Internet” action plan, and strengthen the support system of hardware and software, create online-offline integrated service based on a new business model including smart service, smart business travel, Canton Fair certification, and enterprise promotion. We will also enhance on-site interaction experience, and improve service. We will launch a new version of the official website and update “Exhibitors News” and “Focus of Visitors”. We will provide new smart service and online business, creating a more convenient business environment.
6. Construct a fair trade environment
In this session, we continue to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and a “Notice” will be sent to the exhibitors with records of alleged infringement of IPR and trade disputes. In addition, we will strengthen their self-correction and avoid infringement and trade disputes. Meanwhile, we will continue to invite law enforcement officers of IPR and experts of trade disputes arbitration and mediation to handle the complaints.
7. Achieve the goal of green development
In the 120th Canton Fair, we will get down to perfecting reward and punishment system, strengthening guiding, providing thematic training and strengthening review of the custom-built booths; we will promote green booth setting-up, ensuring the achievement of 100% green booths. Through advocating green booths, green conferences and green venue, we devote ourselves to leading green, low-carbon and energy saving development in the exhibition industry.
8. Ensure safety and security
In this session, we will highlight security work and improve the emergency management and report system to enhance the capacity for contingencies. Also, the security system of the Complex will be improved, with the whole Complex monitored through video surveillance system. We will also improve food safety guarantee and the inspection and supervision of restaurants in the Complex, ensuring food safety of the participants. We will maintain and upgrade fire prevention facilities to lay a solid foundation for Complex safety. We will make a comprehensive schedule about exhibition dismantling and replacement to make sure it will be carried out orderly, smoothly and safely.
9. Reduce the cost for exhibitors
In the 120th Fair we will continue to implement measures by the Ministry of Commerce to support steady growth of foreign trade. We will reduce the cost for exhibitors by the same extent as in the 119th session, saving 240 million Yuan.
At last, I'd like to brief you the major events in the next few days.
The Opening Reception of the 120th Canton Fair will be held in Westin Hotel in the evening of October 14th.
Innovation and Development of Foreign Trade Forum and the 2016 Canton Fair Design Awarding Ceremony will be held in the No.8 Meeting Room, Area B in the afternoon of October 24th.
Australian New Product Launch and Cross-border E-commerce Matchmaking will be held in the No.8 Meeting Room, Area B in the afternoon of November 1st.
Dear friends, we believe that under the leadership of Party Committee of the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, with the joint efforts of all foreign traders, we will make the 120th Canton Fair a complete success. The 120th session will also be a new starting point for further reform and innovation, and greater contribution to the sustained and sound development of China's foreign trade.
Welcome to cover the 120th session of the Canton Fair. Thank you!
Article Source: cantonfair

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U.S. toymaker Hasbro makes new approach to buy Mattel - source

(Reuters) - Hasbro Inc (HAS.O) has made an approach to acquire rival Mattel Inc (MAT.O), a source familiar with the matter said on Friday, the latest attempt to combine the two biggest U.S. toymakers in more than two decades.
Mattel's Wonder Woman doll is seen at the 114th North American International Toy Fair in New York City, U.S. February 21, 2017. REUTERS/Stephanie Keith
A deal would create a toy powerhouse, uniting Hasbro’s My Little Pony, Monopoly and Nerf brands with Mattel’s Barbie dolls and Hot Wheels toys. A combined company would have more pricing power to negotiate with quality and quantity control entertainment studios over TV and movie franchises.
Mattel’s stance towards Hasbro in this overture is not clear, and it remains far from certain that a deal will materialise, the source said, asking not to be identified because the matter is confidential.
Hasbro and Mattel declined to comment. The Wall Street Journal first reported Hasbro’s latest approach to Mattel.
Shares of Mattel jumped about 24 percent in after-hours trading. Hasbro shares rose about 3.3 percent.
Hasbro has a market value of about $11 billion (8.34 billion pounds) after a near 18 percent increase in its stock price so far in 2017. Mattel’s shares have slumped 47 percent this year, valuing the company at $4.8 billion and making it more vulnerable as a takeover target.
The September bankruptcy of Toys “R” Us, the biggest U.S. toy retailer, highlighted the struggles facing the sector, including online competition and children’s shifting preference for electronics over traditional toys.
Mattel has pointed to that bankruptcy as a reason for weak sales.
Two weeks ago, Mattel suspended its dividend and Chief Executive Margo Georgiadis, who took the job in January, warned the company would miss its full-year revenue forecast. Mattel’s stock fell to its lowest level since 2009 that day.
“Both companies would benefit from a merger, but Mattel stockholders might oppose a deal that values the company on its depressed stock price,” said Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.
Hasbro and Mattel have had talks several times over the years, including in 1996 and again sometime in late 2015.
Hasbro, which is trying to diversify its revenue stream, also sought to buy U.S. movie studio and entertainment company Lions Gate Entertainment Corp (LGFa.N) this year, but those talks ended without a deal, Reuters reported in August.
That deal would have given Hasbro a direct pipeline into Hollywood, with more movies and TV shows tied to its toy brands.
In 2014, Hasbro held merger discussions with DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc, the studio behind “Shrek,” but DreamWorks was subsequently bought by Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O).

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